I have a truly big problem with parallax effect on my project:

It doesn’t work well, something wrong with background images / background-position and calculate w CSS/JS.

Truly thank you for help.


Hi Mary - when I scroll the page, the background images do slide at a different speed than the page scroll itself. What isn’t working well for you?

Hello Kirupa

I used your tutorial in my project. However, I have a problem with images, it cut them, they do not display well, I know that the problem is with offset.Top for images.

Preview here:

Sorry for the delay, Mary. I looked at your code and nothing obvious jumps at me. If the offset is consistently off, have you considered accounting for the extra shift by adding a constant value in your code where the position is being set?

Hi Kirupa,

My next question. How to set the initial background offset for these elements [Images] (they move from the beginning of the page… they should only be when the scroll reaches the point where the background is visible)

Thank you for answer