Parameters galore

hi folks.

I’m struggling with a piece of code:

function lv(l, n, t, e, f) {
if (l == undefined) {
l = new LoadVars();
l.onLoad = function() {
var i;
n.htmlText = "";
if (t == undefined) {
n.htmlText += "<b>"+this["title"+e]+"</b><br>";
} else {
for (i=0; i<this.n; i++) {
n.htmlText += "<a href='"+this["link"+i]+"'>
lv(sites_txt, "cycle", null, "sites.php");

this is taken from the tutorial:Flash, PHP, and MySQL Integration by Omega

the last line gives function lv 4 parameters, but in the first line, the function seems to need 5 of them.

Obviously I’m not fully understanding this code.

if (anyone could help me on this){
trace('thanks a 1000k!');}