Pass Commands from SWF to SWF

I have a flash movie that loads an external SWF. That SWF has a button on it that I need to be able to tell the parent flash movie (the one that loaded the external SWF) to goto and play a certain frame of itself. I know how to accomplish this with MCs but not with the external SWF to the parent flash movie. Any information you can give is greatly appreciated.

Basically I have the parent movie stop, calls the external SWF, the SWF does it’s motion then stops, and waits for user to click the back button. At which time, I want the external SWF to do an outro then switch back to the parent movie, unload the external SWF and do an outro on the parent movie. I hope I’m explaining myself well enough.

Hi, don’t bother responding to my post because I am a dummy! haha… I figured it out on my own. I knew how to do it with MCs but somehow my brain got stuck thinking that external SWFs wouldn’t work the same as MCs…

_parent.gotoandplay(frame); worked just the same as with the MCs. Thanks anyway though!