Passing a global variable and slide show pro

i’m using a mixture of slideshowpro, menuslide and goto()'s nice thumbnailer.

i’m trying to load an album in slideshowpro from an external thumb in a different mc. this thumb is loaded via xml.

this is some of the code from the thumbs mc*;
newThumb.onRelease=function() {
_global.bttnLink =;

_global.albumLink = this.albumno;


xxx needs to be the variable " albumnumber" loaded via the xml, not sure if i need to use the global " albumLink" or " this mc’s " albumno"
if i replace xxx with a number it works, but of course all thumbs chance to the same album… so the path is correct.

so i think it is just a case of the syntax and/or path between the brackets to load the variable ??? not sure, newbe at action script !!

i have traced both _global.albumLink and albumno from the mc with ssp in, and they show different results for each thumb.

the xml is … albumnumber=“2” etc

thanks in advance … this is the last but one little problem i have !!