Passing variables between movies

Hello again,

These forums rock! I have been receiving great help for the past few days on many different things, and now I have another issue. I am creating a form in an SWF that pops up in a window over my main site. Is there a way to pass the information that the user submits in that form to my main movie? Or will I have to embed the form movie into my main movie? Is there a tutorial dealing with this? Also, since I’m asking, is there a way to save information to a text file using ActionScript or Flash, or whatever? I was thinking the other thing I could do would be to save the information in a text file, then dynamically load it in a text box on the main site. Well, hope this hasn’t been too confusing.



well u can load a movie up using


Then for saving to a text file u cant do that with flash itself, think about using php, java, other stuff…