Password box?

how do i create a password box in flash when i’m making a form that is asking for a username and password?

That would be an input box. There’s a tutorial about that on this very site, Ibanez…\r\rpom 0]

i have the input box … but i don’t want it to the password that i’m putting in. example if the password is ibanez what the user would see when they entered it would be ******

You could try and go round it : put an input box, with transparent font. Under it, a dynamic textbox diplaying * whenever a key has been pressed. See what I mean ??\rI don’t know if this works, I’ve never tried it.\r\rpom 0] \r\rPS : Hey, I have an example <a href=>here</a> !! I can’t understand how it works…

OK, stupid me… Type : input, and in the second dropdown menu… password.\r\rpom 0]

doh … yeah, i should have found that one too