Password Entry

I have attached a simple file that I can’t get to work.

I can use simple imput fields and use if () to check them easy enough.

But with this I have a drop down box for user names,
and a input component set as a password field.

I just need a simple

 if (user == "Cathy" && pass =="cat"){ 

But I dont know how to check == against the fields in the drop down list and text field.

Any help would be much appreciated…

Link to .fla

I know it is not secure, and I will be changing it to a PHP mysql set up but for the time being it will do.

user.getSelectedItem ()
if (user.selectedItem.label == "Cathy" && pass =="cat"){ 

Thanks for the hit Phlashman but I couldn’t get it to work.

I tried

on (keyPress “<Enter>”) {
user.getSelectedItem ();
if (user.selectedItem.label == “Cathy”){



But no joy…
There must be something simple I am over looking…

Still trying…

on(click){//on (keyPress “<Enter>”) {
// *************************
function comboDisplay (component) {
combo = component.getSelectedItem().label ;}
user.setChangeHandler (“comboDisplay”) ;
if (combo == “Cathy”){;

But still can’t get it to work

yes it is. Put the code from post 3 (shown at the top right of the post) and instead of doing play(), do very simple ovelook

I still can’t get it to work… And I have tried everything I can think of…

It is only 1 frame, and both the drop-down menu (user), and button are on _root.

I found that play() wouldn’t work, and that did, hence the change.

The following code will play, but if I remove the // it won’t…

//user.getSelectedItem ();
//if (user.selectedItem.label == “Cathy”){;

I have spent hours and hours on this, seached Google back to front, searched F1 inside out and still can’t get it to work.

I would give up and go to your normal client/password PHP mysql check. But I also have a messageboard I am working on and it will have a country drop-down list so I need to be able to work out what is selected so I can pass it to PHP.

Thanks for your help so far though :slight_smile:

**FAR OUT… ** I knew it was somthing simple…


toss = _root.user.getSelectedItem().label ;

if (toss == “Cathy”){;

For reasons I don’t know you have to assign getSelectedItem() to a var.
And even though it is in the _root. and you are calling the _root. you have to direct it to _root.

Anyway thanks for your snipt of code… Without it I would still be pulling my hair out !