Password Protected

I was wondering if anyone could help me here. I am looking for a way to password protect a site for a client of mine. Ihave found many great Javascript ones but there is only one catch that none of these have been able to stand up to.

I need the password to only work for a certain amount of logins. Like the person get’s a password and it only works like 20 times or something like that.

Do any of you know what I could do? I have a feeling I am going to have use PHP or something (which I dont much about in the first place) but if you have any ideas, they would be so great. Thanks alot.

You could always do everything you said with Flash 5 / MX. That is working great for me!=)

You will definately have to use some back end script like PHP or ASP to save the amount of times that the thing has been accessed. The book Server Side Flash tells you all about how to do things like this… I wish I knew were I put my copy of the book…

Flash by itself can’t “remember” stuff, so you need to sotre the number of times accessed somehow.
Possibility 1: local object, all you need is Flash and ilya’s tutorial here. But the user could just erase that.
Pos.2: involves PHP (or other) to store the number in a textfile or database, not too hard really…check the stuff at , you can tweak some of these scripts to suit your needs.

Thanks alot guys, it’s great to get help so fast around here. I am going to look at that link eyezberg, I will see if there is something there that can help. And Jubba - need help looking for that book? hahaha - if you can find any more info for me that would be great (that is if I cannot figure this out myself)

Once again thanks for pointing me in the right direction guys!