Pause external SWF loaded in container movieclip

Hi there,

I have a flash movie that loads external SWFs into a container movieclip in the main movie.

The actual animation frames in these external SWFs are a couple of layers down in each clip, ie: a movieclip within a movieclip within a movieclip.

I need to add a pause button in the main movie that will pause the currently playing movieclip. I think the problem lies in my not referencing the movieclip properly.

Click the link below to download the FLA files to see what I’m talking about!
(Main movie FLA + 2 External Clip FLAs)

Ideally I would like the “pause” button to function more as a “pause/resume”, but I’m happy to take things one step at a time!

If anyone could show me how to do this it would be VERY much appreciated. I have burned many hours on this!