How to pause/resume a loaded movie clip?


Im kinda new in this flashing activity. Im developing a proyect in which external swf’s are loaded into the stage, and in the bottom of the stage, there’s a toolbar with a pause button and a play button, where the user can pause the animation, and resume it (play it again from the exact frame where it was paused). I’ve solved the problem of pausing and resuming a background sound, but this thing of pausing and playing again an external swf, hasn’t been figured. I’ve used “stop” and “play” scripts, but I only get to stop the anim, and resume it from the start (that´s not the goal)…

I´ve also searched in previous posts, and didn’t find anithing useful, that’s why I write this new thread…

Trust in your mastering in flash, thank’s a lot!!

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you got the stop right, so here’s the play button:[AS]on(release){

The thing is those swf’s loaded externally are placed in a single frame (inside a movie clip that contains them to load them), with a stop action over it. So, when I use the sollution you gave me, obviously nothing happens, because timeline is already stopped. I think is a matter of levels:

_level0: bottons to pause/play swf’s

 level1: swf1

 level1: swf2

 level1: swf3

 level1: so on...

I think solution shoul be something like this:

Create a pair of buttons (1 pause, 1 play) for each frame that contains each swf, and code them:

for pause:

on (release) {

for play:

on (release) {

Just want to know if that could work… unfortunatelly I dont have the files here with me (no to mention they are gigantic), but any solution, I can test it here… thanks a lot!!!

yeah, that should work. just target the mc the same way you targeted it for the stop();

Thanks for the help Bwh2, actually I can’t test that now, I’m at work (you know, with the boss breathing in your back), so i’ll check the solution at home. Hope if there’s something wrong, could count on you, and all the mastaflashers arround here… Thanks a lot!

:sure: disenopop

I don` think the code you have written above can be right as you can only load one swf into one _level at a time.If you have just loaded into a container_mc with a depth 1 just use _root.container_mc.stop() etc.
Also, you have to make sure that it is fully loaded before you can tell it to do anything.