Pc to mac?

i created a slide show (fla) in flash on a pc and i created
the exe projector and averything works fine(there’s a soundtrack too). now i need to make a mac version of this slideshow but i don’t even know how to start.
can i do it? do i have to get a mac and do it all over again? can i burn a cd in my pc with the fla files and then open it in mac? the fla is very heavy 205mega
and the projector is about 14. i need it to make a cd presentation.please help i am going nuts and i don’t
know much about flash.i tried to burn a cd with the
fla files but i can’t even open it in my own computer
…i dont know what to do.

You should have a Macintosh projector option under the formats section of publish settings. At least I do with the Mac version of Flash. Mac doesn’t require any executable files.

If you can’t find the settings or if Windows version doesn’t have it I suggest finding someone with a mac and send them the fla file. The mac user should have something like Flash FLA Typer (its online) to convert the windows fla files to mac. Open up in Flash (mac) and go through the process.

Hope that helps.

thank you i did it already but mac can’t open that
projector file(hqx) for some reason i don’t know it looks
like a compressed file(the mac projector) when i burn it on the cd: