PCI simple communications controller

ok, so randomly, suddenly, it has a little exclamation point in the device manager. then, cant conenct to the intertnet for crap.
so i look it up and find out its just a fancy word for modem. so figure, meh, i have to reformat anyway, ill just do that first and then reinstall the modem. so i reformat and install windows xp pro. and the exclamation pt went away. internet works for about a day. then it comes back, so i figure ok, ill reinstall the modem. so i try. and nothing happens. i cant do it with the original disk or anything. so i download the drivers for the modem put out BY conexant (ppl who make the modem) and i cant install them using their fun and freaky little installer. and if i try to do it manually, the computer says “does not contain info about your hardware”. so i’m like, ok, ill try putting XP home back on the puter. so i do that. clean install. still have that dammned exclamation point. and i cant install the modem. does anyone know what to do? its my moms puter, and i have to go back to school in the morning, so i need to get this fixed 4 her, and im about to chuck it out the window. any help is appreciated. if i cant fix it shes gonna take it to “computer urgent care” which might as well be “satan’s bed” as far as im concerned.
thanks peoples. :beam: