Penner Snowflakes

Hi There,

Just my luck, I’ve got to work with snowflakes again. This time I found a Robert Penner version off of Ultrashock. Guess it’s that time of year. He has 2 versions, one thats newer and more OOP oriented and an older version that I’m finding for my needs will provide a bit more immediate flexibility. The problem is when I export it for higher than Flash Player 5 it gives me an error.

There is no property with the name ‘randRangeF’

That property is at the beginning of the file. Anyhow, I was hoping someone might be able to shed some light on this. I’d really like to use this version if possible but need to export at least Flash Player 7 preferably AS 2.0.

Also, I’m aware of the version on this site but I’d prefer to get this one working. Thanks.