People With Various Skills Needed

Hi everyone, i am re-creating a flash portal site with a new name, new features and it will be a lot better al together!

I am looking for people in various web development areas to help me with the site.

The site is going to be called Radioactive Flash, at first i was going to call it Area 51 but i think the other name is better.

So i would like people in the following areas of development to help:

  • CSS and HTML
  • Flash (Banners, cartoons and games, big as knowlege is a plus)
  • Graphic Design (Banners, wallpapers and other things on the site)
  • PHP (i do have someone who’s doing an amazing job at this so this is not a prioity)
  • Artist (Design characters and stuff)

Here are some things that have been made so farm

Template Idea:

Blammed/Trashed Flash Idea:

Idea For Defualt Avatar

Idea For Bad Login Page:



Please Note - I cannot pay anyone unit the site is well situated on the web, sorry