Performance: Multiple Copies of Same Animation

Okay. I’m looking for this thread to do one of two things: Manage my expectations, or point me in the right direction. Feel free to manage my expectations to “You are ***-backwards wrong”, it’s cool.

I was under the impression from looking at things online and going “Gee, I wonder how they made that work” that there was a method to take a smaller performance hit per iteration of the same animation.

Project FPS is 20.
Animation A loops through 20 frames of vector data created manually.
The vector data is relatively simple, it takes up less than 1k.
100 copies of Animation A brings runtime FPS down to 5.

None of these copies would ever be altered independently. If scaled or rotated, it would be as a result of the parent object that holds them being scaled or rotated.

Now, I didn’t expect copies 2-100 to be completely free in terms of CPU usage, but… I’m a little surprised at how big the hit is. Because I would like the animation to remain vector, I wasn’t sure that BitmapData would be what I wanted to look into - but if using bitmap data would solve my issue, I can always suck it up and compromise.