Persistant mp3 player with localConnection?

I have a project where we’re building an .asp site for a client that sells concert tickets, and they want to have a flash mp3 player embedded on the page. The problem with this, of course is that every time the user clicks a link, the swf mp3 player will have to be reloaded - very disruptive. They don’t want to have a popup window house the player due to issues with pop up blockers.

A couple of years ago when I was researching localConnection objects for a different project, I thought I ran across a tutorial that showed how to do just that. They loaded a 1x1 swf that actually played the music, and controlled it with a swf that loads into each individual page. When you navigated within the site to different pages, the music didn’t stop. I imagine that this could be done with frames, but I don’t think that would be an option for this site - need to be able to bookmark individual pages, etc.

Is there a way to load an swf into memory or somehow in the background of a page? If I can get the code for this, I can handle the interactivity between the swf’s and the local connection stuff.

Thanks in advance.