Pesky Netscape 4

Is a right pain. I’m building a site that uses a lot of CSS and layers, and (typically) these don’t work at all well in Net 4, which we are supposed to support.

I’ve made a few workarounds so that layers don’t spontaneously expand to fill the screen, but I’m having real trouble with my images.

Some tables have background images applied to them. None of them are spread across more than one cell. Half of them work, half of them don’t. They all have the same code to display.

<td width="34" height="96" align="right" valign="top"

works fine, but

<td width="34" height="96" align="right" valign="top" 

doesn’t display.

Bizarreness. Any ideas? :hangover:

One ‘quirk’ that I’ve found with Netscape 4.x is that it doesn’t like the leading / on relative links.

Also, if you are using a background image on an entire table, it will not display background images within individual cells.

The most recent stats that I’ve seen show the market share for Netscape 4.x to be less than 3%. I’m not sure where your cutoff falls, but I don’t bother coding for it any longer.