go to bed… I think your brain is tired. :lol:

is not

is too… :wink:

lol…do any of you know eachother? and not just thru the board, but in real life.

never met em… I just like Phil’s sense of humor… most days anyway. :slight_smile:

oh…wait…fil was trying to be funny with all those posts…?!? now i get it…hahaaahaha…you’re a funny guy Fil :slight_smile:

Thanks Not Jubba,
But phriends call me phil, not fil. And I invite you also now to call me phil.
Notice the PH. I put the PH in life. Not too much acidity, not too much alkaline, just a balanced PH. Actually me and Uppy were co-joined (Siamese Twins) that were once joined at the face and lower Cerebrum. When separated I got the good looks and the sense of humor and Uppy got the technical abilities.


lol ok…thanks phil.

roflmao… likely story