Phish Dies

As some of you know this is one of my absolute omg-i-love-them-so-much-i-could-just-scream-bands. Aside from perhaps pink floyd, they have completley changed my life in the 10 years that i’ve loved them and influenced me more then any other band, and changed the face of music over the 20 years that they have been gracing the earth with their incredible music and spirited environmental efforts.

But alas, all good things always come to a horrible and cruel end, and that end has arrived for Phish.

It totally sucks. I’ve literally cried for days because I can’t imagine the world without them. To think that I will never pack up and head off for a road trip and phish show again is like… ok, it’s like if I said to a game programmer “Thou Shalt not use C++”. It’s debilitating to my very existence.

Anyway, I was lucky enough to score tickets to their last and final show, a 4 day camping weekend in Vermont with 3 days, 3 sets, plus encores, so it measures about 4 full length concerts, or maybe even 5. Anyway. These tickets sold out in two weeks=, 70,000 tix. Blah. So many of my friends can’t go. The face value of the tickets was cheap, they always are. only $150 for 4 days camping and music and activites is a steal. But since it sold out so quick the tickets are beign sold on ebay for up to $700 a peice, and up to $1000 from ticket brokers. Bastards. The Phish community has been working for years to try and eliminate this type of thing, but of course, for their last show the evil bastars will exploit it, and people are so desparate to get in that they will pay. :frowning:

Anyway, is anyone else here a phan? By chance is anyone else actually going to the show? That would be rad.