Phish Dies

As some of you know this is one of my absolute omg-i-love-them-so-much-i-could-just-scream-bands. Aside from perhaps pink floyd, they have completley changed my life in the 10 years that i’ve loved them and influenced me more then any other band, and changed the face of music over the 20 years that they have been gracing the earth with their incredible music and spirited environmental efforts.

But alas, all good things always come to a horrible and cruel end, and that end has arrived for Phish.

It totally sucks. I’ve literally cried for days because I can’t imagine the world without them. To think that I will never pack up and head off for a road trip and phish show again is like… ok, it’s like if I said to a game programmer “Thou Shalt not use C++”. It’s debilitating to my very existence.

Anyway, I was lucky enough to score tickets to their last and final show, a 4 day camping weekend in Vermont with 3 days, 3 sets, plus encores, so it measures about 4 full length concerts, or maybe even 5. Anyway. These tickets sold out in two weeks=, 70,000 tix. Blah. So many of my friends can’t go. The face value of the tickets was cheap, they always are. only $150 for 4 days camping and music and activites is a steal. But since it sold out so quick the tickets are beign sold on ebay for up to $700 a peice, and up to $1000 from ticket brokers. Bastards. The Phish community has been working for years to try and eliminate this type of thing, but of course, for their last show the evil bastars will exploit it, and people are so desparate to get in that they will pay. :frowning:

Anyway, is anyone else here a phan? By chance is anyone else actually going to the show? That would be rad.

Sorry for your loss. I have never heard of them but it sounds like they had a following.

as my mummy says (Jayan-way) “There are plenty of Phish in the ocean…”

How could you not have heard of Phish? They have a cult following.

lol cult huh? :wink:

Awww that sucks! I never even knew them. I mean, I’d heard of them, and I’d always thought they were cool, and I should pick up an album the next time I go to a music store. But I haven’t been to a music store since… 2 years ago? When did the Moffatts break up? The last album I bought was Submodalities, and I think I went back a few times for some singles in the months following. I was a huge Moffatts fan. I am not ashamed! Anyway, maybe Phish will become my new Moffatts, even though they’re calling it quits. Makes a mental note to actually go to a music place and pick up a Phish album this weekend

cool :slight_smile: i would start with A Live One, its a double cd and it gives you a real good selection of earlier Phish, as well as a taste of their live shows (and since they are a jam band, their live shows are sooo much better then the studio recordings)

I dont know too much about phish except for that everyone who I know that likes them absolutely loves them.

That concert sounds cool…not really my music but, concerts are always fun. I just went to one last night…tons of fun

RedG … I simpathize with you totally… I found not a lot of folks here on Kirupa know about PHISH so most will not share your feelings of lose, but they will understand it… I mean any group breaking up totally sucks, unless the band is Culture Club… ha ha…
but I totally understand whatcha feelin’ Bro…I myself am having a hard time dealing with this last gig as well…

I work for “GNP” the production company that puts together all of PHISH’s outdoor festivals, I have done all of their larger weekend festivals going back to the ‘Clifford Ball’ in 97 so there is a lot of good times and family in between here and there. Most of the people I got to know I don’t see on a day to day… just when we get together to do these festivals and you get to form serious bonds and friendships… a tough thing to give up.
The Best show I would have to say was the ‘Lemon Wheel’ but that is just my personal fav… cause it was one of the earliest shows and we were just getting into the vibe, getting to know each other. Everyone was working together as a click and we partied hard…

Anyway here is a little production Trivia for you so bare with me…
It takes almost a 4 months to put those gigs together. The first 3 months are pre production set ups… you know,… all the planning and prep work… this is where all the budget crap happens and the team is put together. The Site survey are done and the concert site is mapped out. The last month is solely for the setup of the site itself, this is were it all comes together.
I am usually one of the first to show up … and the last to leave… (typical). But that is my small function in the entire deal. The company I work with handles all the Lighting and Power used to energize the entire site… and if you have been to any of those gigs you know how much lighting and power goes into it.

This is but a fraction of stuff… usually we use up to 52 generators… and I forget how many miles of cable…

All the light towers on the runways the parking and camping areas, the generators, waterpumps … bathrooms … tents… Venders… first aid stations, not to mention all the venue lighting, backstage lighting, work lights… Catering… the list goes on and on but you get the picture… it is truely an tremendous gig… the funny thing is, the lighting and power is usually done by just the six of us ( minus me, I had the camera)

But of course it takes an army of folks to build these Festivals as you can imagine. I mean just before the show weekend arrives, there are over1500 people working to get the concert up and running, the carpenters to the stage hands to the artists and decorators to the landscapers to the production teams to the painters to the venders to the administration folks to security… and let us not forget “Clean Vibes” and let me tell you without Clean Vibes all the venues that PHISH plays at would look like this in the aftermath

yep a lot of hard work goes into a PHISH gig, by a lot of people, and when the band starts up on that first set… that first night… man it is all worth it

band shot


Hey man! I liked Culture Club! :m:
[size=1]Karma karma karma karma karma chameleon… :whistle:[/size]

D’ 0h…! you know… boy george is still around…
I have no idea who his audience is… but there are some I would imagine…


Must have missed this thread. Sorry for the band breaking up. I can’t say I’m a fan but I know what it’s like to have your band break up on you. Lucky for my Justin was able to launch a pretty big solo career :wink:

saw them at the alpine in milwaukee, golgi. the show after trey did bonaroo (which my friends went and saw without me :frowning: ).

anyways, i just gotta say:

BEST … JAM … BAND … … EVER … … … PERIOD [.]

I would imagine that somewhere along the line they will do a reunion gig…
that would be the one to see… :hugegrin:

Band reunions are good, they always have something cool to contribute on the return… besides, phish has enough albums to keep you busy for a while
and then some…