Photo Gallery movie load

Good morning,
I have a question concerning the loading performance. I have an web page (photo gallery) with embedded flash. I have 4 buttons (engagement, reception, ceremony, bw), each is linked to an external flash movie (engagement-movie (1.2M), reception-movie (1.2M), ceremony-movie (1.6M), and bw-movie (1.4M)). Now when I get to the main web page (, the loading time is acceptable. But when I click on a button to call the associated movie, it took forever to load the movie. Is there anyway that I can tell flash to load the first 100 frames and start playing while it loads the rest of the frame? Or do you have any other suggestion. Thanks in advance for your help.

i think your link is broken :-\

i think you either have to break your movies into smaller ones one by one, or (i think thats how it worked in flash 5, im not sure for MX) try not to put all your MCs in the beginning, so they load as you actually play the movie…

Im not sure about that though

I did brake down the movie into 5 small movies. Is there anyway to tell Flash MX to load the first 50 frames and play; then load the rest later? Thanks:nerd:

Sorry…it is

Erm, no, it’s :wink: