I need to know how do we show the ‘Loading’ message before loading movies on the internet. Rather, how do we load movies on to the internet.

Imagine your main timeline and at frame 10 you have placed your main movie clip

On your first frame of your main timeline attatch the actionscript:

ifFrameLoaded (10) {
gotoAndPlay (10);

On the second frame of your main movie attatch the actionscript:

gotoAndPlay (1);

Thats it!

What actually happens is that Flash is asked at frame 1 if frame 10 is loaded - if it is then it jumps to frame 10 - if frame 10 is not loaded then flash goes to the next frame which contains the actionscript telling it to go back to frame 1 and the process is repeated until all of frame 10 is loaded.

There are other techniques to loading movies but this is one of the simplest.

Remember on frame 1 and 2 you can have the word loading appear so that people know that there is a movie on its way. Oh and make sure that frame 10 has a stop action.

I hope this helps.

yeah… but that means that I have to my homepage in one frame as a movieclip or someting because maybe frame 10 os loaded but the next 100 frames ain’t and then it plays the 10th frame, stops there and starts to load the next frame/frames…

lol…do not expect anybody to wait for “the next 100 frames” , dude!
That was just an example, you may put whatever number in there for 10, but basically, in your main movie, you’d only have like one, two three or max 10 frames altogether, this is the framework /background art/ layout, whatever you want to call it, of your site, the part that’ll always be visible. In or over that, you laod in content as requested by the user (click) with the loadMovie action. So once (this is still an example!) frame 10 has loaded, your sites interface should be up and give us s’thing to look at. The rest can keep on streaming in, as it will if you tell it to :slight_smile:

PS: not making fun of you, preloaders should be short, nobody’s prepared to wait more’n 10 sec before they leave!

So that means that i have to do my whole homepage in a big movieclip if i want it to be 1 frame in the main timeline …dude…