Photo gallery pictures are not showing up on the web

i made the photo gallery that this place has the tutorial for and everything works great on flash and when i do publish preview the pictures show up, but then when i tried to get it on the web for some reason everything but the pictures show up. i dont know whats going on. can i have some help or ideas?? thanks

i think you should put the website url instead. i.e.

okay it might be a couple of things,

  1. make sure “dinner” is a folder on the web with read access that has all the pics
  2. make sure the “dinner” folder is in the same directory as the swf
  3. since you have a “/” in the pathToPics variable and “.jpg” in the array make sure you are not adding them again when putting together the path to the picture ie
    this.finalPathToPic = this.pathToPics +"/"+this.pArray[4]+".jpg";
    especially the jpg thing it works offline not online
  4. I haven’t worked with manually defined arrays too much in flash, but make sure it isn’t adding the quotes to the filenames, this will work offline, not online for some reason ie loadPic(dinner/“pic1.jpg”)

It may be something else could we see the code actually used to load the pictures, not just the variables used to define the path…if you are worried about it being stolen you can PM me the code and I will do what I can to find the problem.

an easy way is to just put the .swf file in the same directory as all your pictures
and leave the path blank. “” (empty quotation marks).

this.pathToPics = “”;
this.pArray = [“dinner2.jpg”, “dinner1.jpg” , “backyard041.jpg” , “dinner5.jpg” , “dinner6.jpg” , “dinner9.jpg”];

true it is easier, however, a little less organized, and several of the problems will happen regardless of the path…