Photo Gallery + preloader


first of all i would like to thank to **sbeener for his “photo gallery” **tutorial. I found it very useful. Now I have question for **sbeener: **is it posibble to put preloader for each photo, so if photos are little bit biger, user can see how much to load (in bytes or progress bar). I’m working on my photo gallery and I have bigger photos (50-100K). u can see demo at:



u load photo as external file or within the same fla? if u load it from external, why not build a preloader for the photo? if not, u might have to wait for someone else to tell u those code stuff, i just could not get my head on actionscript.

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Yes it’s possible, have a look here


hi, thnx for the post. it was very useful. as u can c at: i implement your fla, but i would like also that first picture have preloader in %. how cn it be done? i dont really understand preloader layer, what is about?


Look in the code for this line:


and remove it. (this one is loading the first picture outside all your prototypes)
Now add (at the bottom of your code):


Now you’re calling your prototypes and the preloader;)


thnx Scotty. works perfect. u’re the fastest guru i ever know :).

if u like check on

thnx man


no problem:thumb:

I don’t see the preloader, but I’m on DSL and the photos are there right away.
I like the photos:)