Photo Gallery Scroller doesn't roll back


I’ve done the Photo Gallery Tutorial and the Adding Tumbnails tutorial of this site. With this information I’ve made a vertical scroller and it works fine!

But there is one problem. I use the scroller on several parts of my portfolio website. When I go to “Webdesign” there are just three thumbs so the scroller doesn’t work. That’s OK, while three thumbs fits well on my page. W
When I go to “Print” you can scroll while there are 5 thumbs on this page. That’s also OK!But when I scroll down to the final thumb of “Print” and then go back to “Webdesign” all the thumbs are gone. The scroller didn’'t roll back to his original position.

I’ve already added:


to the code. This avoids that there aren’t thumbs from “Print” coming into the scroller of “Webdesign”

Does anybody know how i can fix this?