Photo portfolio site-- i HOPE this is working right, not just from my computer (photographer friend’s site I’m working on, almost done)

I’m working on this photo portfolio site for a friend and I don’t have other computers, or many browsers, to doublecheck it from. She told me that she was kinda worried because today she was trying to check it out from a computer at a lab somewhere (she’s travelling now) and it didn’t show up right. There are 7 photo galleries, their buttons show up after “images” is clicked. She’s had trouble getting them to load at all. I think I just solved that problem though. The main swf that dynamically loads the others that make up the site is done for flash player 8, the loaded swfs are done for flash player 8 or 6 (I know, kinda inconsistent… the issue probably doesn’t lie here though)

If you’d like to help by checking it out and telling me the galleries load fine after going back and forth to other sections, please do and thanks! Not a very impressive site right now, I know. She didn’t want it to be very flashy at all and she didn’t want any graphics, drop-shadowing, beveling etc somehow. I’m just doing some doublechecking to make sure it’s functioning right. I’m not even sure if I’ll include this as part of my portfolio because it’s so plain for a flash site.

Next time I need to do much more actionscripting, that I know.