Photo slideshow/gallery help


I debated whether to post this on the "Resizing Gallery" thread, but decided I have way too much to cover. I was able to get my photo galleries on my photography site to work exactly how I wanted from the resizing gallery thread, and I must give a big thumbs up and many thanks for that. Now I’m trying to set up a proofing gallery/slideshow for clients to view. Just for quick background, here’s what I’m working on It’s almost to the point where I’m satisfied, but I’ve got a few things I need to fix and change. As you can see it’s a resizing gallery with thumbnails, prev/next buttons, and slideshow with play/pause buttons.

The first issue I’m having is that the slideshow goes in reverse. How can this be fixed so that it goes from Pic 1 to Pic 2 to Pic 3, etc.?

The second issue I’m having is that I can’t seem to figure out how to get the play button to work for the slideshow once the slideshow has been paused. How do I properly do this?

The final thing I’d like to do is to have the thumbnail highlighted that corresponds with the current image being viewed. Right now if the thumbnail is clicked, then the thumbnail stays highlighted. However, if the slideshow is running or if the prev/next buttons are clicked, the thumbnails show no indication of corresponding with its image. The thumbnails are movieclips that are each manually made and placed onto the stage with instance names. I thought I could use the thumbnail movieclips in an array to somehow correspond it’s highlighted position (last frame in timeline) with the corresponding current image. But, I have no idea how to do this:cross-eye.

If anyone can help me figure out these, then I would be ever so grateful. Thanks a quadrillion in advance.