Photoshop 7.0 Goodies from Marc

One of the tools, I use a web designer is Adobe Photoshop 7.0 (Together with Macromedia Dreemweaver MX, Namo WebEditor 5.0, Bradbury TopStyle 3.0, ColorWheel 4.2), and over the last five years I’ve learned something and now it’s time to open my knowledge and achievments to the world. So here it comes, the first part - on Adobe Studio Exchange (Styles, Custom Shapes, Brushes, Actions and vector artwork). So be a judge to me and say what do you see before your eyes.

Part two. To put it all in nuthell - I also want to share a very special collection of Action (.atn files) - 222 text and image effects in a one archive, 220 Kb . What are you waiting for? Go on, enjoy it!

Here is one of the last brushes (so you would know, who you are dealing with), made for Christmas:

If you’re interested in any of my works or want to contact me, you’re free to do it at [email protected]

All I see is a blank page that seems to load forever…:-\

i saw a ton of your stuff at the exchange! GOOD JOB! how do you make brushes? i would love to…

I have tons of more still on my pc. There are several wys, if you’ re interested in the technique, ask me something more special ///

how about…how should i start? any apps. that i need?

Actually u don’t need nothing at all. But if you’re really in it, I can give the most useful plug-ins I use. Are you intereted in?

hit me with it…btw, do i just save it as a brush or what?:q:

me too im interested

You don’t need to save anything. I’ve made already everything. So, I’ll open my website soon, and there will be all the stuff, ste styls, the shapes, the thumbs of that all and even more. Are you really interested in? Than we’ll see. So any q more?

Duotone palettes: purplerain, whitegray and silverblue. Make you’re picture greyscale, than duotone --> load one of these presets and apply. C:-)