Photoshop - abstract

I just thought of a new idea, lets try abstract art, like this one.

heres mine :slight_smile: i just did it fast but i think it lookscool…also everyones elses looks good too

Heres my First ever photoshop abstract art Thingy!

Heres another quick one ive done! :thumb:

hey that looks verry cool!
A bit like water or oil or well its a bit too abstract :stuck_out_tongue:

Here is mine :hitman2:

that’s cool evildrummer

anyone got some tutors maybe? :stuck_out_tongue:

Made this a long time ago, its abstract right?

looks like a fireball miracle in bw2 :smirk:

and an another on …

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bw2 ?

black and white 2 ( its a game )

Heres another!

sorry to burst your bubble, but those are just brushes with twirl :be:

Even the simplest techniques create amazing things… even if I know how was it done I feel it’s cool…

if your talking about my one, actually theyre lens flares:D i never said abstract was hard to make, but it is effective:D

Ive just realised you werent talking about mine. Im so stupid:(

i wanted to do something very colorful!! it did turn out partly so :slight_smile:
my first abstract… thanks to the chain!!

and then i did a gloomy one :slight_smile:

and there is this gloomy one :slight_smile:

Hey good to see you posting in Kirupa.
Nice works btw.