Photoshop battle: calculator mobile phone any electronic gizmo

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hello peeps

how about a photoshop challenge. make any electronic interface - a mobile phone, calculator, game pad etc

thats it - so is anyone of you “rubbish heads” up for it

taking part is a purely optional activity Mr sharif

what exactly is the challenge?
a mobile phone in flash???
well, the first person scripting a working flash only mobile phone will be awarded with my 2 u’ro cents for that
what should your interface be abled to do?
is this contest ASonly

(btw: why not make this as a footer contest, the other footer contest isn’t really evoking enough interest)

hi mcgiver


sorry for stating the obvious but its exactly what the post says - a photoshop battle. I know I’m more active on the AS side but I fancied a bit of a change.


I’m up for a AS challenge if anyone else is. I know I’ve started a few on recently but don’t seem to have got any response. How about a skateboard challenge. Draw a skateboard in AS then do a few moves and turns - sounds fun. I havent done anything yet but its a sound idea.

Back to the photoshop battle. Its quite simple - just make anything in photoshop which looks like a mobile phone, tv remote control or anything like that. dead simple - it doesn’t have to move or do anything - its purely photoshop.


btw - what exactly is a footer challenge.


:crazy: no Idea why, but I didn’t see it was a ps battle (I am only reading things I like) sorry for that.

footer challenge
I guess you know what a footer is
and the battles are called Just for kicks challenges at
so I guess I wanted to say
footer battle

maybe, I should consider to change the order of posting and thinking :h:

Well, obviously, I know that entering is optional. How long did it take for u to realize that? :puzzle: