Photoshop Colour Problem

Ok so ever since i’v had my new displays, my Photoshop colours have been acting up.

Everything seems…wierd…particularly white, which is shown as a kind of yellow colour, it’s not white.

It’s only in photoshop, everything else looks fine…


I’ve had that before!
It was nothing to do with Photoshop.

I’m not totally sure if this is what I did…

I changed the color depth in windows. From 32bit to the lowest. Then accepted, reebooted and changed back to 32bit after the reeboot.

The profiles were now normal and everything was ok.

Not sure because I tried a lot of stuff, but I’m pretty confident that was it.

  • adobe gamma?
  • video card display properties gamma/RGB settings?
  • actual monitor colour settings/brightness/RGB values.
  • using dvi or analog?