PS: Colors are screwed up

I recently installed PS on my new computer and all of the colors are screwed up, or at least the dark blue, the thing is i saved a project from my old computer to my new computer and the darkblue is now purple. When i open the thing in Flash it is fine though and when i copy the little color number from flash and put it in PS, it still is screwed up. Does anyone know what could be screwing up the color in my PS? Thanks


try at check in what mode it is in. Make sure it’s RGb :wink:

yeah i changed all of the modes around and it seems lke that not the problem… more solutions?

can you post a screenshot.

Did you try clicking on Adobe Gamma Loader in the start up menu. It’s a long shot but worth a try.

sounds similar to a issue that occured previously. the problem was when the user was in photoshop , there colour scheme was selected to H and not R.

It’s happened to me as well, I just re-installed and used the default colour setup. Not sure whta happened to change it, but I couldn’t find an option to change it back again.

Oh really, hmm

what version of photoshop is everyone running here?

I’ve upgraded to CS since I had issues with the colour palettes, but I was running 7 before.

so i assume it was happening in photoshop 7?

is that the case for others with the problem?

Are you using the same moniter? And what about your graphics card, is it the same?

Yeah, I’ve had the same PC for the last 6 or so years :(, only the RAM, peripherals and drives have been changed.

I recall this issue mentioned a while back, not sure if it was in the kirupa forums? The colour palette changes from the normal colour picker to some freaked out ‘not-a-snowballs-chance-in-hell’ of picking the colour you want. Could have been a keyboard shortcut, but very much doubt it. I noticed it change when I launched the application the next day.

Re-install was the simplest way to fix it, just have to make sure all the custom stuff is backed up.

theres the link i was looking for!

well my gradient thing is normal, its just when i open up previously made things… how do i change the color scheme? I am running CS, thanks for all the help.


ctrl+shift+k, choose something like web graphics default and see if it changes.


nope still doesn’t work, and when i save it as a gif or even view it in the Save for Web dialog box, it has normal color…

make sure you’re not in quick mask mode (hit q).

a screen shot would really help.


try fromatting your hard drive and reinstalling windows;)

…or not