Photoshop CS Text to paths question

How can I make text follow a path that I made from the eliptical marquee tool. I’ve searched in the manual, but I couldnt find much on this…


here’s what google returns when you type the keywords you mentioned…

Remember, google is your best pal.

Eliptical is also a circle. When you need text to follow paths, don’t use the marquee tools.

Use the shape tools.

For a circle - you would use the Ellipse Tool (1). This will make a custom ellipse, or circle if you want to call it. Create a small circle or however big you want.

It should create the ellipse in a new layer. Don’t rasterize it yet. Then, select the text tool (2), and slowly click once on the OUTER stroke of the ellipse and type your text (3). Then, you can delete the ellipse and continue.

Here is what I mean: