Photoshop tutorials anyone?

I’m trying to improve myself on photoshop some and am havin bit of a problem looking some good tutorials for PS 7. Anyone who can help me out would be great. Thanks in advance

Most Photoshop 6 tutorials also work the same in PS7. I don’t really follow many tutorials, so I don’t know any of the good sites with tutorials, but if you run a search on for Photoshop tutorials you should get something. Even if they are for PS6, they will most likely work in PS7.

very nice footer lostinbeta, original and clean, looks great

Thanks Hojo. and have good tutorials.

I like that footer as well - very nice. :slight_smile:

I’d say for Photoshop expertise, ask the two guys who seem to know it inside out. Dan, vts31, I’m talking about you. :slight_smile:

yeah i like the fotter too! the grass looks cool. U do it in ps?

um and theres many sites with ps tutorials… something starting with r…heh oh yeah and has some good tutorials…though they mostly focus on interface design…oh well

The thing i could sugest is for you to do a search on like google for ps7 tutorials…

**** i really need to get ps7

I did my footer in Photoshop 7, exported as .png and imported the images into Flash MX. Added a little actionscript and bam, I got me a new footer.

Umm… there is also …they are pretty good.

ps7…hmmm, boy do I need to upgrade. I am still working with ver 5! haha well one of these days Ill drop the cash on it!


I started with 6. It isn’t THAT much of an upgrade from 6. It does have a few little features that I like, like dynamic brushes that change direction and color.

whoa, also very nice text on the footer, having it upside down. didnt even make out what that was until just now, again looks great.

thanks for the tutorials above, hopefully i’ll have a footer worth posting about soon, heh

Hey, thanks Hojo, it took me a while to get that text to work correctly on the board. Darn CSS. I was trying to use span tags when I really needed to use div tags.

Your footer doesn’t show Hojo? I right click and it says Movie Not Loaded.

Here are some tutorials but if you need any individual help you can always contact me on AIM: methodan48 and dalu4885 ; however, you can even send me a private message on the forum and I will help you out!

Nice links dan, also nice update on the footer, with the beam approaching from the side. I likes again…

Thanks…again :stuck_out_tongue:

I am never happy with my footer and still am not happy with it; I wish kirupa allowed music because transition effect like the ones in my footer went to a techno track but I took it out before I published it :*(, so I will most likely update it later today and a totally maxed out version on monday. By then I should have my intro done, ya know, for certain people to view a sneek peek message me on AIM.

That footer would kick arse to techno music. I love the techno music! I think you just aren’t pleased with it because it’s yours. I know I am not fully pleased with mine. But I keep getting compliments on it, so I guess it is good.

I guess it is because since you made it, you got to see it all the time, so to us it is new, but to you it is old, so we are like “oh wow” and you are just like “eh, its alright”.

what he said.

awesome links dan, you’ll be getting some messages from me on AIM, heh

I’m a spaz, I updated my footer again :P, but its still to short of an effect and I think it would look sweet with graphics!

Eh, I actually have to say I liked it better the last time.

yeah i thought the older one was better… but hey do what u want…