Most waned PS effects -- Read in!

Don’t we all wish we knew how to do some of the designs and effects that are seen all over the web which have a very professional touch yet simple in the eyes of some?

I will do my best to help out members and visiters of in assisting them with Photoshop 5.5+ by writing tutorials.

I don’t want to sound all big shotty and all, but I have five to six years of expirience with Adobe Photoshop and I have been making sigs for people on various other forums for quite a while now!

I will try my best to teach you the tips & tricks of Photoshop, but I need help with some tutorials. You are the one who can help me.

I would like to know what type of effects, tips&trix, and designs would you people love to know how to create by yourself?

This will really help me out in the future so I know what to write about! So can you please make a list of requests and I’ll try to do my best!

Thanks! :slight_smile:

that would be great
by the way, if you know any good website with cool tutorials, please tell me, because i’m really needing a lot of design onthe new version of my website that must be launched on October 1st :stuck_out_tongue:

great site so far Eberth, kinda laggy at first, but once it gets goin its great!

as for tutorials, i personally am looking for tutorials on integration of nice looking photoshop effects into flash to make a really professional, clean cut looking result.

Hey dudeman, i’ll help with some tuts… i have about six months exp in PS7, all self taught.

I made some sigs for phil, kit, and pom here too, plus the new smilies! :crazy: (like this one ie.)

cool, this will be great, and also i would be interested more in the integration of photoshop into flash :smiley:

the only photoshop/flash fusion i use(know of) is importing .png’s… this way u can have transparency in multiple levels! :stuck_out_tongue: Yeah…

Or are u talking about something else?

i dont know, buttons, graphics, interfaces etc…

btw eberth, check for tut’s on PS. He has some good links too… I’ve been on all of’em… :stuck_out_tongue:

Buttons, interface etc… ok… i prefer making gfx’s in PS an importing to MX, but it CAN be done in flash too (some things)… just a lot harder…

tnx, and i really need a lot of design on v3 of my site, because is the first time i make a page by myself, i mean, not “copying” other’s designs, v1 and v2 are cloned webs, done 100% by me but based on alexkurth and other, and here in kirupa i promised that v3 would be 100 % mine :x so, i need to make one better than v2

I can’t believe the pressure on us designers nowadays… it is sooo hard to come up with something new…

I’ve been in a ditch for 3 months now, I just can’t think of anything good… although i might just go with a pixel-art’ish site… i like pixel art… :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah, my creativity is almost gone :frowning:

It’s not fair…

integration like interfaces, buttons, effects that may look cool

Integration as in… flash in the center and html and graphics around (either above or below)?

Some tutorials I’m currently working on : proffesional looking cracks & snags, easy but advanced looking bevel effects, and creating the perfect shapes on your graphic.

oh that kinda integration… that shouldn’t be too hard…

on my “splash” , i used tables to set it up, i have a textfield in the middle (in a tablerow) which determines the height of the “box”, and the sides stretches according to that… not very hard actually.

but crating a frame graphically in PS and placing a flash movie in the center is easy…

Gotta learn paths too in PS, haven’t looked at them at all…

Not that this has anything to do with photoshop… but I’ve got to throw a tip in for our neighborhood worm.

You say that you’re using png’s to make multi-layer transparency effects in Flash. You might want to try this and see how well you can get it to work.

Import a jpg image instead of a png.

select an instance of the image on the stage and hit CTRL+B to break it apart.

use the lasso tool to cut out the sections you want to be transparent.

select what remains and hit CTRL+G to group it.

You will end up with much smaller file sizes using the jpg’s over the png’s AND the processor is not strained as much when you attempt to move the images around on the stage. Hope it helps.:cyclops:


Yes, this is a way to do it too, if you are using graphics that go from solid, directly to transparent.

but what if you had (like the example before) a blurred neon light over another piece of gfx…? You can’t cut out blurred transparency like that…

but your method is great if you’re not after more than 2 levels of transp. By far the easiest when moving objects…

Yeah, basically how to do stuff like that footer of yours. All the crystalline effects that are around at the moment. Grids, that kind of thing.

I’ve had a copy (in some form) of Photoshop for ages, but never got round to using it properly until now. I can do some jazzy text effects, it’s making the backgrounds and stuff like that I want to know.

I’m fine with drawing in Flash, lineart, that kinda thing…

crystals in PS is “hard” (time consuming), and the outcome isn’t always good, for RELLY great crystals, use a 3d proggy.

But basic effects can be learned all over the net.

Where you talking about MY footer?

Your footer is a worm, Eilsoe :stuck_out_tongue:

But I think it is a good idea that you and Dudeman should make tutes about PS. I really enjoyed that first one you did, even though I was totally unable to reproduce it off the top of my head… :hat:

But yeah, Dudeman, why don’t you start with your ultra-trendy footer?

pom :elderly: