PHP/Apex talent for help with new exciting MMorpg


Greetings fellows! My name is Sammy an i am the owner of a new game called Majestica. It has been in beta since october 2007, and we are currently working to open v.1 this spring.

At the moment there is only one PHP coder who is a very busy man and is finding the work load a little tough along with his professional duties.

What i am looking for is some friendly, fast PHP coders who work well within a team and who can easily work on pre-exsiting codes, fix bugs and code new features.
We also want to intergrate AJAX into our site to cut down on page refresh.

This job is** NON-PROFIT **but it will be a very fun experience and so far the game has had a huge wave of interest.

In just 3 months of un-advertised beta we picked up 900 members!

Can you make this game a whole lot better?

Here are some screenshots of the game!


  • Ability to work well with our head coder.
  • Can make new features, tweak old and understand bug fixes.
  • Is online daily, contact via MSN messenger (others negotiable)
  • Agreeā€™s not to give away coding within Majestica to others, including codes they have written for the game.

please email me at
[email protected]

examples of what you can do is a bonus!

thanks for looking

i am looking for up to 3 people!