Php, Cgi, Flash?

Hello everybody,

I was asked to make a site for a group of people, they go to a lot off popfestivals all over europe… and do quit a lot of updates on the net

Now here’s my question they want to upload all the news, dates, and others content themself… How can i do this? It would be nice if they can update online or log in on a server.

What should i use? What’s the most easy way? (userfriendly)



actually, you can use all of them. a cgi-bin is where you would store all your dynamic data (data that can be changed, added, or edited at will online, or off), then use php to access this data and use flash to display it. i’m sure there are some pretty good tutorials out there. try then lemme know if you found something good in there.

OR: you can use a textfile. Might be easier than PHP and CGI… :stuck_out_tongue:

pom :slight_smile:

and i need to know how to make this dam form work!

i don’t have cgi and this is meant for cgi…any other way to make this work without having to buy cgi support from server! or any other support…
and also what is MIME? someone told me they use MIME to send and receive forms!

Personally, I’d do it with PHP, because I don’t know anything about CGI.
And MIME: I don’t think there’s a connection. Mime types are a variable you send to the browser to tell him what kind of data you’re sending him (html, text, gif…). You cannot <b>use</b> MIME types, at least I don’t think so.

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ok so how would i go about doing it in PHP? are there scripts for forms free and ready? and do i need to enable PHP for it to work or do i not have to buy any other scripting suport on any web page?

Of course, you need enable PHP first. then the PHP part is trivial. You have given names to your input fields, so on your submit button, you put action=“myPHPpage.php” in which you process the data.

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