A form in flash

I need to add a from like this (http://www.trilitemedia.com/quote.php) to a flash website. Is it difficult? Can I work around subscribing to CGI on the server end?


When you say can you work around subscribing to cgi - you mean you don’t want to use cgi? What you want is perfectly possible with cgi or php and it’s not difficult. There should be a tutorial on this site about making forms.

If that doesn’t help, post here again.

I’m wondering if Flash can be manipulated to send form info in an email (like Frontpage does) without CGI and without triggering the clients email program.

If not, we’ll just have to pay a little extra for CGI on the server, but if it can be bypassed, that would be cool…

No, Flash can’t parse form data itself. It sends the variables to a cgi or php etc., script.

(I took out the little smiley icon - cos it looked to funky)

Well, I guess I’ll have to pay the 9 bux a month for CGI…

So with that being the case, how tough is it to do?
Could it theoretically be hosted somewhere else that has CGI enabled already, while the main site resides on a different server?

Is the programming pretty intense for a form like this???


No. In fact the actionscript part is quite easy. You can have the cgi or php hosted on another server. That no problem at all.

Can you point me to an MX related tute or fill me on the details? That would be super!