Php-flash newb

Hello, i dont mean to be another one of those newbie pests asking another basic question that tends to bother the elders of the forum, but where other forums have let me down, im hoping kirupa can help :slight_smile: Heres my dilemma. I’ve been reading through tutorials, ive had other forums hit me with jargon i cant seem to comprehend, and im left alone, cold, and abused :hurt:. anyway. Simply enough all i want to do, is have an input box, a dynamic box, and a button. I type in the inputbox, i click the submit, i see in the dynamic. I understand the concept of load the variable into either a loadvariables, or loadVars, send that to my http://localhost/php.php file, use either $_POST, $_GET, etc. and have that print $variable here, back into flash using again, the loadVars, or loadVariables. Heres where i puzzle. In theory, i believe to know what to do and how to go about doing it, and when i go to work it out… no results. i downloade phpdev to setup the apache server … and the other things that came with it, and ive followed the tutorial on how to get a dynamic box to show a variable successfully, but when i branch off on my own im stuck. Heres what i got:

this.submit.onPress = function() {
sender.loadVariables(“http://localhost/tests/php.php”, “POST”);
form.loadVariables(“http://localhost/tests/php.php”, “POST”);

sender is the movie clip that contains the inputbox
form is the movie clip that contains the dynamic box.

$text = $_POST[“sendthis”];
print “&read=$text”;

sendthis is the variable name of the input box
read is the variable name of the dynamic box

Again i dont mean to be a bother, or sound obnoxious… its been a long frusterating time of trial and error. Prethanks for any help.