PHP/Flash/VB/Excel - Address sorting macro / program - Happy to pay

I’ll explain as clearly as possible what the problem is & what I need:

I am a power seller on eBay and I sell anywhere up to 500 items a week. I download the orders from Paypal in excel format so I can get the addresses. The Addresses are a single column in excel.

I then usually copy them all from excel into notepad: they come out as follows:

Joe Bloggs, 1 The Street, The Town, England, BF67 TRD

Up to 500 of them, all single line. My shipping labeling program needs them on seperate lines. So usually I have to manually space them at the comma, which can take FOREVER.

I need a program/ macro/ solution that will sort them into as follows:

Joe Bloggs
1 The Street
The Town

Basically, the commas removed and a new line started after the commas.

I don’t care what language you use, or how you do it. The multi-line address need to be cut & pasteable & it needs to work on Windows XP. Thats the only requirements.

The input file can be excel or .txt or word.
The output file can be excel, .txt, html, .rtf, word, flash (Basically anything than can be easily cut & pasted)

I [u]KNOW[/u] this can be done in flash - for example you can import the addresses as .txt, then sort them and then output them as a text field in Flash. I think I could probably do it myself, but would much prefer to pay someone else - I am VERY, VERY busy.

I know you can write macros in excel, but I have no idea how to do them as I have never stuied VB and have no intention to do so as I make 10times what I ever did from web design from what I do now.

Please post, pm or eMail me.

I am willing to pay, so please give me a quote.

Payment can be done through Paypal, Nochex. I will either send the money after I see proof of demonstration, after I get the macro/program, or we can use a third party such as a forum mod.

Please post here or email me [email protected]

I would also say, please don’t work on this and then expect me to pay you before you have heard from me, because someone else might have done it, or I might not be willing to pay what you charge!

You are invited to make an offer here on the thread, I will probably take the best offer (the lowest fee in $$)

Please state what currency currency your offer is in!

You have a pm