Php or asp login

looking for some one to make a php Or asp login and regestration (spelt wrong!!) and members page showing members (no mySQL) (can use acecces)

how much are you paying?

I’m intersted, but like PR Studio, I’m wondering how much you are paying for the job.


gah i was here first digital lol



i think you may not do it now but nout, zilch, zero, but!!! i will let you be a admin on my site!
ps forgot to add want ranks too!

sry, thanks anyway

im passing as well - but id be more than happy to point you to some tutorials to help you learn it yourself!

go on yer then but does it show you how they regester?

go there and start with item called “Database,” then read all the database posts below that, you can use that along with form processing and a knowledge of cookies to accomplish what you are after so:

Form Processing
Database Actions

are what you need to learn…that site has it all :slight_smile: