PHP print/echo returns undefined

I have a account creation form in Flash.

I have code to check that the user is not submitting a email address that has already been entered.

The code works and will not let you create an account if you enter a email address that is already in mySQL.

Problem is I need to let the user know this but can’t get it to print || echo back to flash.

display is a text box, all it ever returns is undefined…

if($email_check > 0) {

 echo "&display=email Error!";
 print "&_root.write.display=email Error!&";

 unset($email_address);  }

This should be simple so I must have a error somewhere…

Any ideas on where the error might be ?


My error was on the submit button…
I had *this.display * set to something else and was to tired to realise it was calling $display from PHP. Hence not refreshing itself… :frowning:

_parent._parent.write.display.text = this.display;