PHP tutorials

Anyone know of anywhere I can start learning PHP. I have some of the basics down from but anything that will give me examples and such would be helpful. Thanks

Kirupa has some, thats a very good site.

problem w/ most tutorials is that they give you the code… and not teach you how to write it lol has a lot of great PHP tutorials, thats where I learned. It also has a very active forum with a huge database of previous stuff, I ALWAYS find what I need there with the search.

man, APdesign your all over the place today, but then again so I’m I. Just on the oppisite side, had a lot of things to do today and not a lot of time, so had to post for help. Kinda lazy but its a time saver

I had plenty of time to kill :wink:

a very good place to start learning… a great community there to help you too!

alright thanks, I bought a book that has been helping me along pretty good. Once Im done with that Im going to look for more advanced tutorials

I recommend you w3Schools. You can learn PHP and you can try out what you learned using Run Example. Here you can learn all coding languages with real time example.

You can find some great PHP tutorials here as well: