PHP & XML Guestbook Tutorial

Hello Flash Freekz!

I have recently attempted to get into PHP and XML. I started buy going throught the majority of the tutorials by the mightly Senecular.

I feel like i have an understanding, but that might be far from the truth.

I did the XML and PHP Guestbook tutorial and It’s not working.

All I did was use all the existing files. Loaded them to my server. Read, Read and did some more reading. And it does not work.

I am missing something in the “BIG PICTURE”
If anyone cares to check it out… I am sure you can diagnose the issue quickly.

the FLA is already on Kirupa site so there is no need to attach it unless someone asks…!

Thanks in advance…
Whoever is willing to help I will license one of our upcoming releases for use on one of your projects…

Drew - Real Hype Records