phpMyAdmin set up

I just set up IIS PHP mySQL and I am now trying to set up phpMyAdmin.

I have set the config

$cfg['PmaAbsoluteUri'] = 'http://localhost/phpMyAdmin-2.5.7-pl1/index.php';

I open it



But clicking on anything at all brings up those white errors

The page cannot be found

A year ago when I last did a set up I never had this problem, anyone else come accross this or have any hints as to what might be causing it ?

try changing your slashes around on the second set of code

I solved it…

= ‘http://localhost/phpMyAdmin-2.5.7-pl1/index.php’;

When it is loading the new page it treats the /index.php’ as a folder.


removed the index.php and it worked… :slight_smile:

ok, glad you got it solved