¿Pick The Song?

How Do I Let It Available To Users Pick The Song Like…

[Track 1] [track 2] And They Decide…

And Will It Take A While To Load?


Make a button for each sound with a loadMovie action into a level (the same for all buttons so you don’t get two songs playing at the same time); you need to make a swf for each song, and the loading time depends on how heavy the swf is…

i tryed that…it didn’t wrk (i messed up!)

i gave the buttons actions…for"load movie"
entered the urls

then i made the swf 4 each one…


:eek :eek :eek :eek :eek

1/ Are the sound swfs in the same folder/ path correct to load 'em?
2/ Did you check if the sound plays when you click one of’em?
3/lemme know… :slight_smile:

It Still didn’t work… i have no clue what is wrong.

Do You know where i can find a tutorial on it?