Pick up problem

alright, I have my character with the simple walking and jumping commands and he has a rotating hand ( the code for the hand is:

onEnterFrame = function () {
divX = _root._xmouse-_root.man._x;
divY =_root._ymouse- _root.man._y;
theta = Math.atan2(divX, divY)-(Math.PI/2);
defx = _root.man._x - _root._xmouse;
defy = _root.man._y - _root._ymouse;
dis = Math.sqrt((defxdefx)+(defydefy));
if (dis<max) {
_root.hand._x = _root.man._x+Math.cos(-theta)*dis;
_root.hand._y = _root.man._y+Math.sin(-theta)*dis;
} else {
_root.hand._x = _root.man._x+Math.cos(-theta)*max;
_root.hand._y = _root.man._y+Math.sin(-theta)*max;

how would I make it so that when I click on a axe or gun or something on the ground, my character holds it in his hand, where I can then shoot it or hit with it?

-thanks, Joesph