Picture effect

Hey everybody if you look on this website


You see see a picture of Lloyd banks but how is this effect done it looks like a drawing, i have seen tutorials for this but not really like this style.
Anybody have a good tutorial or tip to get this effect ?

Thanks in advance

Hey, Im not to sure what you are talking about in this. The flash? the picture of him? what?
be more specific

Yes i mean the pictures in the flash top parts of the site.
Every button loads a different picture but the effect of the pictures make it look like a drawing.

i have no idea what picture effect you’re talking about. i see photos of lloyd banks.

It is very subtle and could of been done with a photo lens and good lighting.

The quality of the image is excellent so I suspect a very good photographer took the picture.

Something like PS might of been used to filter it a bit.

If you haven’t visited OptikVerveLabs yet you might want to wander over there and find a filter to help you.

^ huh?

i’m with willofdarkness, all i see are photos with a bit of animation in the background.
or do you mean the animated transition in flash that looks a little like paint dripping?

^ huh,

Well, I am sorry you don’t see what he is talking about. Don’t know how else to describe it, but we don’t all see things the same way.

i think he means that the picture quality looks like it has been drawn/painted?

Yes - that’s I’m thinking too.

^ Thank you. You said it the best!

Which is why I posted that I think it was the quality of the lighting and photographer that created it.

There are filters that help and I can’t say whether any were used or not, but that site I recommended has some great filters that you might want to check out anyway.

thanks for the help i will check out that site.

Is it maybe som kind of multiply effect or opacity, so that the canvas comes through? That way it would seem like it’s on the canvas, and give it the more painted feel. Maybe the edges are enhanced a wee bit too.

The fact that he isn’t standing in front of the actual background in the picture also adds to the painted feel.

But this is just my guess, and in no way a qualified one. :worried:

^ that was some good thoughts.

It may also be that they took his image outside of the picture and overlayed it onto the border area so it looks like he is standing out.

errr, is that what you just said?

right, i get it now… on this computer, it took a while to load the image over the background which helped me see what you all meant by it looking painted, because the background shows through a bit (so i’m slow to pick it up :P)

theres a few ways you could do it… the easiest would be to play with opacity settings of the different layers. remember that when you start to reduce opacity, the boldness or brightness of colors is decreased so you’d have to compensate for that. Otherwise, some of the blending modes (like Mikken said) will maintain the colors while allowing a bit of texture through.

Multiply seems like a pretty good bet, as you’ll notice that in his shirt (which could have been white or light in the photo) has picked up the background texture, so it seems to be one of the modes that darkens the image.

canis - nice link to a nice plugin :slight_smile:

Your welcome. Just passing it on :thumb: