Picture Marque wid buttons

hi does som1 kno how 2 mak a piture marquee wid controls like da 1 at

This is the URL: http://www.sonypictures.com/start.html

exactly wot scorpian suggested. Plz help!!!

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Not too hard. I can’t write it right now though… I’ll try in the morning.

Hey David (what kind of name is that? I prefered upu…)
Where have you been for so long? I started wondering…

>sweetbaby: No idea what you’re talking about :stuck_out_tongue:

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ok thanx

I’m doing ok. david is my name, hence, what kind of name is david…?

I’ve been on hiatus, granted, more extended than I would have origionaly thought it would be. Just busy. I’ve got lots of work, and games to delve into right now. I’m trying to keep up apearances though. I check the posts at least once a day, even if I’m not replying to them.

What Baby is looking for is the age old side scrolling menu, with tumbnail buttons.

We would set this up like this Baby.

Create a couple of thumbs. You can add more later, but it’s easier if you start from the beginning with them.

Place them on the stage next to each other, at a distance that you like.

Select all of the icons/pics/thumbs, and hit F8. Select movie clip, and give it a library name of “slidingMenu”.

Now open the instance panel and give this movie clip an instance name. I’ll use “slidingMenu” again. (keeps things straight.)

Create two buttons. These you can place, like they did at that site, to the left of the slider, but there are other methods of doing this as well. I’m just going to discribe their version.

The top button scrolls the menu to the left. The bottem button scrolls to the left.

On the top button you place the following code


on the bottem button, you place the following code


then on the movie clip called slidingMenu, you place the following code.


mind you, that’s the most simplistic aspect of that example. There are a couple of threads around here which discribe the effect in more detail. Doing a search using the words “sliding menu” should produce some good results.

There is also a tutorial on www.kirupa.com which talks about this effect.

So take a look for both of those. There are tweeks that you can do with it to make the sliding more smooth, or to hide sections of it with a mask, etc. It’ll take a while before you can make one that looks like the one on that site.

TAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA so much 4 ur help ill try it out taaaaa

ok david i did exactly what you said but the sliding menu doesn’;t seem to work :*( so please could someone make it for me and i willl send all the pictures and links is that ok OR
will someone give me a FULL tutorial david i looked at your site, and i understood exactly what to do so thanks but since im still 14 its really hard to understand :frowning: and i need a complete tutorial for my website please

ok, I’ll see what I can do. It might take me a little bit of time to do that, but it’s really the next of my tutorials that I need to do. I’ve been having some minor problems with my preloader, so I’ve been working on solving that at the momment.

Thank you for taking time to try to write a slower and with more structure. I appreciate the effort.

If you do take my tutorial for your site, please remember to give me some credit for the creation, and if you can, mention www.kirupa.com. We appreciate advertisement. :slight_smile:

thanxxxxxxx sssssssssssooooooooo much. Yes i will give you the credit for all your hard work and help you have put in to help me. I will also put a link for your website and kirupa on my site. So Far i havent done much on my site but so far ive done :


thats my website

once again thannnnnnnnnnnnnkkkkkkkkkk you so much, this means so much to me thanx=)