Picture scroller tutorial- modification?

I found the tutorial that imports external jpgs and fades them in and out when you hit the button. My question is, how can I modify this to make it scroll automatically after ten seconds to the next picture?


Search the forums cause im almost sure the same question has been answered before.

I did search. Whenever anyone asked a question about this type of thing they were pointed at the tutorial. I went throught the tutorial and now I just need to add a little piece of actioscript to make it scroll on its own. Don’t know what that script would be though.


I guess you didnt search enough


Thanks for finding it for me. I guess I didn’t, I even went back after your post and searched again. i guess I was using the wrong terms.

Just to let you know I use a lot of forums and I hate people who don’t search before they post so this was not another case of that.

Thanks a ton!!!

No problem man :slight_smile:
i guess sometimes we dont search with the right keywords.